Voyager Estate
15 August 2022 | Voyager Estate


This season, the market garden at the Landsmith Home Farm will be growing six crops to supply our celebrated Restaurant.

A relatively new project, the Landsmith Home Farm is a neighbouring property in Margaret River, which is being rehabilitated using the same green principles as our main Estate.

First to hit the soil are tomatoes, which were sown and put on the germination heat mat last week. The mat keeps the soil at a happy 21°C, providing heat-loving summer crops with the right temperature to germinate.

Together with the Restaurant Team, our green thumbs in the Garden have selected the variety Sunchocola Cherry Tomatoes, which are a beautiful, deep rich red colour and have a smokey yet sweet flavour. They are an F1 Hybrid, which have been bred to be well-adapted to field growing, as opposed to greenhouse protected conditions.

The Garden Team have also sown a few heirloom slicer tomatoes called Nicola's Yellows, which are large yellow tomatoes that have proven to grow very successfully in the past. The seed has come from a crop produced last season in Margaret River, meaning these particular tomatoes will be increasingly well-adapted to our local conditions.

The Garden Team will be potting the seedlings in a few weeks' time to ensure strong and healthy plants, and they will be transplanted in-ground come early October.

Cultivating and supplying our own fresh produce marks a new and exciting chapter at Voyager Estate, which will see our Culinary Team become progressively more sustainable. From small beginnings, big things grow...


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