Voyager Estate
24 May 2024 | Voyager Estate


Vintage 2024 has wrapped and it's looking like a standout year for Cabernet Sauvignon. Chief Winemaker, Tim Shand, shares a few thoughts on how the season unfolded for Voyager Estate and the wider Margaret River region.

"The 2024 vintage was marked by an extended warm and dry period following reasonable winter rains and an early bud burst. From mid-September until early May, the region experienced warmer-than-usual temperatures, including three distinct heatwaves, which influenced yields across all varieties. The extended dry spell led to lighter yields but also promoted even and early ripening. Harvesting commenced historically early, with picking completed well before Easter. Despite the rapid ripening, it happened evenly, unlike the elongated ripening process seen in 2023.

Cabernet Sauvignon benefited from milder weather in March, allowing for extended hang time and optimal tannin development. The Cabernet showcased excellent fruit weight and freshness, positioning 2024 as one of the best years for this variety in recent times. Chardonnay was picked early to preserve flavour, freshness, and acidity. The season produced solid Chardonnay with generous fruit weight. Although Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz did experience the brunt of the heatwaves, we carefully nurtured them to preserve their freshness, and we're delighted with the final result. Chenin Blanc thrived in the warmer conditions, resulting in great ripeness, fruit flavour, and vibrant acidity.

The increased organic matter and intelligent viticulture practices contributed to the vineyard's resilience, maintaining good health despite some challenging conditions. This year saw minimal botrytis pressure and low snail presence, though there was an increase in weevils due to the dry, warm weather.

The focus during the red wine harvest was on achieving tannin ripeness without compromising fruit condition. Both Cabernet and Shiraz needed careful timing to balance tannin development with fruit quality, a challenge that all producers in the region faced. Overall, the 2024 vintage, particularly for Cabernet Sauvignon, stands out for its fruit weight, freshness, and vibrancy. The wines exhibit significant tannins and flavours in the dark fruit spectrum, without signs of premature aging or over-ripeness, promising a quality that ranks alongside the excellent 2022 vintage. We're excited to see how these develop."



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