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5 October 2023 | Voyager Estate


We’re delighted to share Voyager Estate’s 2023 Inaugural Sustainability Report – the culmination of many years of learning, practising and applying sustainability principles to our land and operations.

Beginning over 20 years ago, our work has been championed by long-standing team members and many who have left their mark long after their time with Voyager Estate. We’ve drawn on wisdom and inspiration from our colleagues in both the wine industry and further afield.

This report provides a snapshot in time, of both our current environmental and community impact, and our progress in areas where we are still working towards tangible results on the ground. 

We hope you enjoy delving into some of our early initiatives, our pathway to becoming fully-certified organic, and our emerging efforts in understanding our greenhouse emissions, as well as tackling the major collective challenge for all of us – climate change.

“Much like the old saying ‘the map is not the territory’, the report is not the work! However, it’s critical to document the progress in our wayfinding. We’re very proud to stand alongside many other businesses in the Margaret River region and beyond, working to make our land, operations, and communities more resilient, and to play our part in creating a positive future” – Michelle McManus, Head of Sustainability at Voyager Estate.

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