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28 June 2022 | Voyager Estate


The Modern Cabernet is the perfect warming companion for chilly days – bold yet soft, complex yet utterly drinkable, equally delicious with grilled meats and dark chocolate.

We asked four of Voyager’s most passionate Cabernet-lovers – Sommelier, Claire Tonon; Wine Educator, Tom Kline; and our Winemaking duo Travis Lemm and Jimmy Penton – to share their thoughts on why The Modern is the ultimate addition your table or cellar this winter...

Why should we get excited about The Modern?

Travis: “It’s lovely to drink as a younger wine, but still has depth of tannin to age gracefully. Fresh and bright with flair.”

Jimmy: “It’s made with the highest quality Margaret River Cabernet in a fresher, fruit-driven style, expressing a purity of place and super elegant tannins. It’s sexy Cabernet.”

Tom: “The Modern strikes a beautiful balance between complexity and drinkability.”

What puts the “modern” in this style of Cabernet?

Travis: “The Modern sits outside the conventions of most Margaret River Cabernets. It shows what can be done with Cabernet when it’s treated with freshness in mind. It’s a window into the future of Voyager Estate and the wider region.”

Jimmy: “For me, it really comes down to the philosophy behind the winemaking. We’re experimenting to express the perfume, elegance, and purity of Cabernet through sustainable decisions in the vineyard and the winery.”

Claire: “Traditionally, Margaret River Cabernet has a bit of a reputation for being somewhat unapproachable, particularly in its early years. Our team has created a Cabernet that’s scrumptious right now, yet still has the structure to age, and doesn’t cost the earth either! Win, win!”

Tom: “The unexpected twists and turns! It’s modern in the winemaking approach – different Cabernet clones and use of concrete to bring a unique palate shape and texture.”

Describe the drinking experience in a few words…

Travis: “Perfumed red berries and florals, fine gravelly tannins and sweet fruit through the mid-palate.”

Jimmy: “Crushed red berries, violets, and a hint of nori. Pure, full, mouthcoating fruit leads through to earthy, chocolate flavours and a refreshingly complex umami cherry finish.”

Claire: “An alluring array of juicy dark berry fruit jumps out of the glass. There’s more than just fruit though, it has pretty floral aromas, delicate oak-derived spices and notes of Mediterranean herbs.”

Tom: “The nose is all tilled earth, pine needle, red florals, and spice. The palate is soft but intense, showing earth and spice with velvety, fine tannins and long length.”

What is your favourite way to drink The Modern?

Travis: “In a glass! I prefer to give the wine a decant, then will happily sip away whilst cooking a meal for the evening. Hopefully there’s still some remaining when the dish hits the table!”

Jimmy: “Around the backyard firepit with friends, grilling quality meats.”

Claire: “It drinks well with pasta dishes and risotto (one glass for me, one for the pot!) through to red meat dishes and even winter veggies. One of the best things about The Modern is its ability to hold over a few days, so if (by some miracle) do you don’t finish the bottle on the first night, it’s generally even better the next!”

What is your ultimate dish or flavour pairing?

Tom: “The Modern really comes alive when paired with dishes that complement its earthy notes. Think fillet steak with mushroom sauce, truffle-based pasta, or slow cooked lamb shoulder with root vegetables.”

Jimmy: “The Modern Cabernet and dark chocolate is hard to go past!”

Claire: “Classic Italian roast beef and salt baked potatoes. I might sound like a broken record, but this is my favourite ever pairing for this wine – the herb crust that the beef is cooked with is reminiscent of the delicate herbal notes in the wine.”

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