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Old Block, as we affectionately call it, is one of our original 1978 plantings and has been organically farmed for many years. It produces the finest, most elegant tannins of all our vineyards, creating a perfect reflection of our region and its distinct personality.

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Spicy berries, bayleaf, earthy, gravelly, cedar


Rich, complex, great length, with fine, silky tannins

Food Match

Slow-cooked red meats or crumbly aged Cheddar


French oak, 18 months, 50% new, 50% two-year-old


Rich, dark red colour


A challenging growing with variable weather conditions. An unseasonably warm end to winter led to early bud-burst, followed by a cooler and windier spring, resulting in yield reduction. A consistently warm summer assisted with early tannin ripeness and balanced flavour development but meant harvest timing was critical to ensure peak varietal expression.



Up to 20 years

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Hand-picked bunches were destemmed and sorted prior to fermentation in an open fermenter with plunging three times daily. The must was then pressed and the wine matured for 18 months in tight-grained French oak with three-monthly rackings to aid clarification. Following maturation, the wine was fined and filtered prior to bottling in January 2017.

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Soil properties, climatic conditions and cultivation techniques constitute significant variables, which affect the quality of the final product. In particular, soil data (soil texture, soil electrical conductivity etc.) and weather data (average temperature, humidity etc.) affect both crop quality data (sugar content, anthocyanins content, phenolic compounds concentrations etc.) and crop quantity data (crop yield, berry weight and size etc.).


“The old vines shine through this one. Richer darker berries with fullness and robustness on the palate. It’s delicious cocoa and soft tannic notes towards the end with good balance through to the finish.”

By James Halliday

Within Range

2015 North Block U12 Cabernet Sauvignon $100
2015 North Block U12 Cabernet Sauvignon $95
2015 North Block U12 Cabernet Sauvignon $233
2015 North Block U12 Cabernet Sauvignon $68




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2015 Old Block V9 Cabernet Sauvignon
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